Angel Camp's program offers services to children up to the age of twelve.  The program focuses on age-appropriate play and learning opportunities.  The children are encouraged to be involved in our educational program and activities which are all directed at individual levels of growth so that the greatest opportunities are supported and achieved. 

 The programs that I use are called Mother Goose Time, My Big World, Funsteps, Carol's Affordable Curriculum, and a combination of previous classroom materials.  All programs/materials that are used are targeted for all ages of children and are constructed to each individual child's learning curve.  The children are stimulated with many different hands on activities that keeps the child's interest, and so that he/she is able to learn at his/her own level and pace.  With this combination of several programs the child's learning process is highly successful and positive.

The nutritional food program that I use (Kids Nutrition) is recognized through the State of Colorado, and is based upon the USDA daily food allowance and nutritional food plate (formaly knows as the food pyramid).  This is used for breakfast/morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack which is provided during the day for optimal health and wellness.   

Angel Camp offers before/after school care and school breaks/summer care for school-age children that currently have siblings enrolled at Angel Camp, or for school-aged former students upon availability.  School age children will be encouraged to participate in all of the activities while at Angel Camp.  They will also be allowed time to work on homework and are welcomed to do age appropriate activites that are offered.  




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